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Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Visit to A Stately Home in England

Flat Susan has been spending some time with Cathryn who has had an operation on her eye so I am hoping Flat Susan has been of help around the house.  Cathryn is feeling a little better so she took her out - here is Cathryn's account:

Phew its been a very hard time since I had some work done on my eye and this is the first time I am online - and yesterday was the first time I ventured out somewhere serious - and of course Flat Susan came with us!

We went to Chatsworth Show - and I enjoy my time just wandering around all the stands there - I pick up lots of different ideas from the various stands which are all country stuff.   But they have tons of stuff which will spark off the imagination.   It feels so good to get back to doing something - albeit nothing terribly close cos basically I cannot bloody see it!!  I couldn't take a lot of photos, mainly because I still cannot bend fully, or turn my head too sharply all that kind of stuff.... but here goes!

So here is some blurb about our day!

This doesn't even give you an idea of just how large this show is - its HUGE and spreads all over the estate - a lot of folk take caravans etc and spend the whole 3 days there - Flat Susan gasped (which believe you me was pretty difficult for her to do!) when she saw how large it was and also at the entrance fee!   

She insisted on having her photo taken at the main VIP tent - you can just see Chatsworth in the background and the VIPs are all milling round behind me to get her autograph.   She was introduced to many famous people during the show - Mr Kipling, Mr Whippy to name but a few.

These are put up just in case you forgot where you are!   

Actually it backs onto this......
Now there are certain protocols to follow when visiting the show - numero uno is that you have to have the infamous HOG ROAST!!  Yeah!  this year they were a splendid £5.98 a go!  I can remember when they were £1.50 and everyone was moaning how expensive they were - but to be fair you get LOADS of meat in the roll - you also have to fight off the trillions of dogs who are under your feet, goosing you (ok that's not so bad!), and wrapping around your legs.  Flat Susan really did enjoy her hog roast and she had the Pork by the way - along with a huge dollop of apple sauce which she promptly got all down her front, cos when she bit into it, it squished either side (you know I am not really talking about Flat Susan now don't ya!)

The other rule is that you must wear these boots - and do I have a pair .....natch!!!   But take it from me they rip your feet to pieces until you bed them in - I still haven't bedded mine in yet and I have had them 3 years, but to be fair I don't like to wear them in bad weather cos they were too expensive to get mucky!   I like to take them out and admire them, and put them back in the box.  You wear them with your leggings and think "not so bad after all" till you turn round and see all the junk in the trunk and everyone puts their clocks back or looks for the eclipse!

Also you have to wear the full tweed combo - Flat Susan couldn't get anything to fit her, and these boots were a little too large.   The full tweed wasn't right for her either, as the skirts were all too short.

And so, she had the most wonderful day - coming home she was dropping to sleep cos she had "had the fresh air round her" - and now she is ready to go onto her next visit.   She was a delightful guest, no trouble at all, very quiet I must say - in fact she fitted in with us quite nicely!


  1. Loving her travels...she gets to see such interesting things!

  2. I wish I'd been there to share all the fun of the show with FS. She really is a good all round sport!
    Jo x

  3. Flat Susan is having the time of her life! So glad your eye surgery went well and that you finally got to go out and enjoy Chatsworth.

    Those boots look very cool -- oh, but my legs are just a bit too chunky for them, I'm sure!


  4. Sounds like FS is having a lovely time with the green welly brigade... or rather nice brown leather boot brigade? LOL


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