In total Flat Susan will visit and stay with 36 people before she returns home. Yes, thirty six! That's a lot of travelling for such a tiny person. If you are new to this blog perhaps you should scroll to the very first post so you know more about who she is and what is happening with her. You are welcome to take the button on the right to display on your own blog and we hope you will visit the blogs of the people she has been staying with and leave a kind comment after your reading.


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Where is She Now

This post will stay at the top of this blog and hopefully will be updated so you can keep an eye on Flat Susan's Adventures.

Where is she now?  Flat Susan is back home in the UK and is now with the talented crafter, Hazel, in Kent before going on with her journey around the UK.  Sorry for the big gaps but she lost all of her belongings luckily most of these have now been replaced and has experienced one or two minor hiccups of late.

Flat Susan is so excited about collecting nice signatures in her passport to remind her of her time over there too.  I think she really is brave doing all this travelling on her own.

It would be nice for you to leave some comments on people's blogs when they post then they are more likely to leave you some when you have Flat Susan to stay.

Thanks to my dear friend Paul who has helped me (Truthfully? - Sorted me out!  Done the Layout!) with this blog.  Without him it would be a complete mess.  I am indebted to him forever (and so is Flat Susan).  He will remain on admin for the duration.

A while ago now I had a lovely surprise when a great big box arrived at my door all the way from Australia. Annette has made me the most fantastic journal, if that is what you can call it, you will ever see.  It has little drawers, tags and a hundred things in it.  Pop along to Hickydorums to see it.  I have started journalling on the tags and things, all about Flat Susan's journey up to date.  What a treasure this is going to be.   Thanks Annette!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Life Down on the Farm - in Wales

Flat Susan in Pembrokeshire

Huge apologies for the delay in getting this post written.  Flat Susan (more about her below) has been residing with me in Pembrokeshire for a while now.  My health and busy schedule meant that I have not been able to take her out and about as planned, and I nearly just sent her onto the next person, but I realised this is a chance to show some general pictures of our beautiful county and also F.S in our old farmhouse.

She started her world tour back in June 2013!  She travels in her own suitcase (she is so small, this is the most comfortable method of travel for her).

We live in an old farmhouse (blog about the renovation) right in the middle of Pembrokeshire (SW Wales, UK).  Hopefully this map will show our location.

Lower Tancredston

FS has been very comfortable resting in my craft room (on my cosy dachshund cushion).

Here are a few views of the farmhouse and farm (yes, the sun does shine in Wales!).

(This last photo is taken from my craft room window - so you can see that FS has been able to watch all the comings and goings.)

Lower Tancredston is a 400 acre dairy farm.  The oldest part of the farmhouse dates back to the 17th century - and it was then 'extended' in the Georgian period.  I am currently researching the history of the farm and Tancredston as a whole - and will be blogging about it when I have more information to share.

Pembrokeshire - where do I start?  It is the furthest southwest corner of Wales.  We are blessed with a mild climate (frost and snow are relatively rare), but the Atlantic storms do hit us hard in the winter.  The north and south of the county vary a great deal.  We have the Preseli Hills up in the north and the more rugged Atlantic coast on the west, whilst down in the south there are more estuaries and the famous resort of Tenby.

Here are a few views -

If you have never been down here before, then I would definitely recommend a trip soon.  Even a short weekend away would be fabulous - and I can give you ideas on places to stay/visit/eat out/shop.

We have 2 woollen mills close to us, where you can see the weaving machines in action.  We also have a lot of craft shops/artists/events/workshops in the county.

FS is off to Hazel in Kent next.  I will miss her company.

Ali x