In total Flat Susan will visit and stay with 36 people before she returns home. Yes, thirty six! That's a lot of travelling for such a tiny person. If you are new to this blog perhaps you should scroll to the very first post so you know more about who she is and what is happening with her. You are welcome to take the button on the right to display on your own blog and we hope you will visit the blogs of the people she has been staying with and leave a kind comment after your reading.


Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Pushing the Right Buttons with Jenny

Hi everyone and welcome. I've been hosting a well travelled little friend recently and it's my turn to share that time with you. For those of you who aren't familiar with Flat Susan she is the brainchild of the lovely Neet (Hickydorums) and has been travelling the World (in her very own suitcase!)

Living right next to the Trent and Mersey Canal it was essential that Susan got to see it's delights and as luck would have it there was a floating market taking place. I marvelled at the fact that so many clever people could live and work in such a small place but Susan reminded me that it was all a question of being organised when you're small. Funny, that would prove to be somewhat prophetic! 

And there was another fortuitous event for Susan to attend. I got the chance to meet up with fellow creatives Anne Redfern (Redanne) and Tracy Evans (Craft Addicts) for a wonderful pub lunch. Bless her, Susan found it almost impossible to get a word in sideways! It's so very rare I get the opportunity to leave the confines of the craft room and this was a real treat.

Talking of confines... I've been kinda chained to the laptop more recently (the necessities of setting up a new DT and managing another) so Susan became a rather constant companion in these endeavours. In fact she's really got the hang of touch typing, not bad for someone who's reach only extends to about four keys at a time! Remember what she said earlier about 'it all being a question of organisation'? I've discovered that Susan is very good at making lists and cracking the whip...

Something else, she's become a 'dab hand' at is using "FlitterGlu" 
So while I got to grips with the stamping side Susan worked that Scoochy like a pro.  I'm telling you that girl has an amazing eye for detail.
And so, with her CV nicely extended and a new tag in hand, it's time to head off to visit Rosie (Crafting at S G) down the road. It's been a joy to host this special little lady and I look forward to seeing where she travels over the coming weeks and months. Jenny

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sad News

It is with a heavy heart that I post today to tell you that I heard from a blogging friend in Australia that Eliza (Queenartoypia) passed on last Tuesday night.  Those of you who have followed Flat Susan's adventures will know that Eliza and her daughter Myrene (along with that adorable little fella, Yoda) played hostess to Flat Susan and did seven, yes, SEVEN, posts about her adventures with the family.  You can start reading about her time with the Harms family here.

Eliza was so fond of Flat Susan that she would talk of her as if she was a real person and she really did show concern for the 'little doll' if someone was late in posting about an adventure.  I know Myrene Eliza's daughter, loved having Flat Susan visit too.

So, Flat Susan and I would like to send our condolences to Eliza's family, to her children, Michael and Myrene and not forgetting Yoda and the other fur babies and not forgetting either her bessie, Di who must be devastated. She will be missed, not only by the huge number of friends and work colleagues, TV, sports people etc etc but also by lots of friends she had made in Blogland.

I would like to share a paragraph that I often used to read from one of Eliza's emails that shows just what a huge heart that woman had:

The first of December is a family tradition that I started and have threatened massive sissy fits and violence if people don't turn up.  My children's friends come and their partners, work employees etc. There is eggnog of the alcoholic type and plenty of food, fun and laughter.  As long as the tree gets put up and decorated before we eat then I am happy, we party for the rest of the night.  Some of the guys that work for me end up staying until the late hours (0430am) of the morning, but that is normal for us, everyone else carks it.   Everyone that is a family member has their own baubles or Christmas decorations that they must hang themselves.  I even have decorations that the children made at pre school.  My deceased mothers decorations also get put on the tree by me every year in her honour.

Eliza, heaven is a better place now you are there but we on earth miss you so much.