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Friday, 20 September 2013

Enjoying the Sewing Lessons

I've got a visitor....

For those following Flat Susan's adventures you will know that she has a week with my 'much older' sister  just over the border into Wales in Chrchstoke.  She says she had a lovely time but the daleks were rather scary.  She enjoyed her time travel in the tardis however and arrived here safely in her suitcase...

With the most gorgeous tag that Jo made for me to keep.

She quickly jumped out and made herself at home on a few old cotton reels.

"Hmmm now where have I come to?  It's all work no play here some days!"

"I've had to hold the tape measure"

"and pass Annie pins so fast that even the photo is blurred!"

"I've helped by threading the needles for her on this huge sewing machine that she's got [cos her eyesight isn't what it used to be but don't tell her I said so!]"

"I had a fun day on Tuesday with my two little new friends and we even posed for a photo for you".

It's serious stuff this caring for a teeny tiny new friend! [do zoom in to get a closer look at Flat Susan in the middle].

"The rest of my week so far has beenhouse bungalow hunting with Annie.  This is the one they would like to move to and we went to have a good look at it last night.  Now all they need is lots of good positive wishes that the offers that have been made can be accepted so that things can get moving for them"

"That's all from me for now.  It's my two new little friends' birthday tomorrow and I understand there's some partying to be done so if you're lucky Annie will remember to take her camera with her and catch what I get up to......Don't worry Neet Annie says there's no alcohol there!!!"

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  1. Hi Annie.
    it's good to see that flat Susan made it to your house safely. She certainly has a large suitcase I imagine she cares a lot around with her.

    I hope you all have a wonderful day at the birthday parties tomorrow.

    That bungalow is adorable. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed. Is it near where you live now?



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