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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pam Takes Susan to a Festival

We're finally back from the festivals and have enjoyed some glorious weather and fantastic music.

We also had a very special guest with us...can you guess who it was?

Of course, Flat Susan!  

Flat Susan had an uneventful journey getting to us, I'm pleased to say that the Royal Mail didn't manage to crush her!  We set off in our campervan and arrived at Warwick Folk Festival where it didn't take her long to start making new friends.  She seemed particularly taken with these 2 chaps on the bus into town.  They were off to perform Morris Dancing in the town square.

Given half a chance I think she might have hidden in their hats and run off with them!

It wasn't all fun though, we soon put Flat Susan to work helping with the filming for the big screens on the stage.  The cameras were a bit heavy for her so she stayed in the OB truck and oversaw the vision mixing.  

She did so well that she's been offered a contract for next summer!

There were certainly plenty of interesting people at the festival who all wanted to get to know Susan.

This is the Green Man, famed throughout Folk Legend in the British Isles.  He stopped by to tell stories and thought Susan's travels were wonderful.  He told us about a small drum that is travelling the world on it's own and being taken to festivals and rituals where it's played.

We did have time off for some sightseeing.

Susan on the bridge overlooking Warwick Castle.  If she looks a little blurry, it's because she had a late night with some real ale the night before!

 On top of a Victorian Post box.  One of two that are each side of the arches that lead into the town centre.  They were placed there in 1866.  There's not many of this style of post box left.

No sign of Susan in this one....she was taking a rest.  It's one of the streets near to the castle.

That's all for today. 


  1. She is certainly getting around, can't wait until she comes to me. LOL

  2. Nice to see how she is enjoying herself. She does like a good adventure!

  3. Looks like FS has found a new friend with the oaky man

  4. Super post and I'm so pleased to see that Flat Susan is having such a good time and meeting so many interesting people too. Elizabeth xx

  5. Looks like she had a lovely time at the music festival and even was able to help out!


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