In total Flat Susan will visit and stay with 36 people before she returns home. Yes, thirty six! That's a lot of travelling for such a tiny person. If you are new to this blog perhaps you should scroll to the very first post so you know more about who she is and what is happening with her. You are welcome to take the button on the right to display on your own blog and we hope you will visit the blogs of the people she has been staying with and leave a kind comment after your reading.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Geelong and the Surf Coast

Flat Susan arrived 2 weeks ago from her busy big city time with Eliza fromQueenartoypia she has been made by Neet and I popped my name down for her to come and visit and see the sights and boy have we been out and about since.. Flat Susan sure has been around so thought the first stop should be a coffee at my favourite coffee shop. Flat Susan was helping me make a list in my travelers notebook of all the places she wanted to see while she was in Geelong and the Surf coast.. 
Two salty old sea-dogs from different eras sit 
out the front of the Cunningham pier.

The first stop on our sightseeing tour was to the Bollards at the Geelong waterfront. The colourful bollards are the work of artist Jan Mitchell. Jan was commissioned by the City of Geelong to transform old timbers and piles from a city pier, demolished in the 1980's. Jan turned over 100 of them into remarkable works of art.. They are all along the bay waterfront and also at the Melbourne airport. I was lucky enough to stop by a few times and watch her paint them and talk to her myself she was a lovely lady. Sadly she passed away in 2008 but what a legacy of work to leave behind. 
Flat Susan is sitting in the bottom of the parrot cage.. 

Lifesavers bit hard to see but Flat Susan is on the front ones right shoulder.

This houses the carousel unfortunately it was
shut at the time.

Above and Below depicts members of the Volunteer Rifle Band playing in Geelong's first band recital in 1861.. Flat Susan sat on the music stand looking at them all.. 
We have done a lot in the few weeks that Flat Susan has been with us.. So many photos so will split it up into 3 blog posts. Hope you enjoy her posts. We are enjoying her stay with us she will be zooming off to Spain this Friday. But before Flat Susan goes we are off to the Surf coast beaches tomorrow.. 
Corio Bay Geelong Victoria Australia
The Bollards are all around the bay area

Friday, 24 October 2014

Finalising The Travels of Flat Susan in Melbourne

What a whirlwind adventure this little lady has been on she has been everywhere whilst in Melbourne she got to see the night life of the city, also the city waking up to a new day and the behind the scenes with many broadcast happening. We need to take a step back and show you some photos from the Grand Final Footy Show, these are graphics of the stage setting and the images are made up of many mini lights on a blanket screen, really awesome set up and it even impressed me this year.

Myrene & Ross on set

light blanket screen oodles of little
lights make up the graphic pictures

After the Grand Final Footy Show we moved around the corner of the city and went to the Promenade where the Today Show was being broadcast, just for a small show like this it takes days to set up and then the early morning start, even the stars are on set at 3 am for a 5 am start

City from the Promenade 
Flat Susan got to see everything unfold first hand the streets were picturesque with art and lights that adorned the streets. The pretty city alight with the beauty of the night time.

Art along the boardwalk river edge
Here you can see all the lights that are constantly sparkling through out the city streets.

Now comes the Grand Final Football parade where thousands of people flock to the streets of the city and see their favourite football players in the parade.  This event is huge and I am on the streets as early as 2.30 am to get things rolling along for the broadcast.  To be honest with you I love this job, you get to see the city when it is in skeleton mode and all the people are sleeping. 

There is never a better chance to stand in the middle of the busiest intersection in Australia and take photos because there are no cars or people.  We have the city to ourselves the streets are being blocked off for the parade and it is a beautiful place.  

Below is a photo of the beautiful church that sits opposite Flinders Street Station which is on the right.
Flinders Street Station

Then the crowd starts to arrive by the thousands and the once quite streets turn into jam packed fans trying to get a glimpse of their favourite football stars.  Here is the same church but from a slightly different angle but pretty close, packed in tight with people

This shot is taken from a crane that we had set up at the end of the parade, our broadcasting trucks are to the right of the shot beside the building, tucked away carefully but the staff had been on site since 3 am.  Flat Susan thought this was amazing and got to ride in the crane.

Before the crowds arrived we went on a private tour of the city and Federation Square which is on another corner of the same intersection.  People gather here to see all sorts of entertainment and watch big matches on the screens and enjoy the city when they  can't get tickets to the game or event.  

Federation Square
This is called the Birdcage and it is constantly changing colours and you can walk through it to get to the ACMI Centre and other parts of the square.  There is so much happening in the place all at the same time it would take you hours and hours to really enjoy it all.  Flat Susan got to see some of the animals in the ACMI Centre and was fascinated at their size.

Here is Flat Susan on top of the Penguin and it talked to her, she wouldn't get off either, she had to be encouraged to leave.  She then moved on over to a weirdly positioned Giraffe, yep here he is sticky beaking into the building and he got busted.

I am now moving onto a rather normal event but one that I have been looking forward to and it was a craft fair called picture2page not that far from where I live and seriously Flat Susan and I wanted to get some retail therapy in and see some of the artistic talent that exists here in Melbourne.

Well did she have a fun time, everyone wanted to know about her and why she was travelling the world, some didn't comprehend how people wanted to host Flat Susan but she impressed them all.

Here we are at the main entrance and with one of Flat Susan's fans.  Such a lovely lady with a beautiful smile.

We watched ladies demonstrating crafts and others that were doing their sales pitches. 

 But the best is yet to come.

I had to be out of town again for another broadcast and drove many hours north west of Melbourne to a place called Bendigo where there was a Netball match happening, well this was no ordinary match it was the world championship netball game Australia V England and I took Flat Susan with me for company on the drive and seriously you never know what will turn up with my type of work and turn up they did the English team was there and Flat Susan got to meet them 

all, the girls were really fascinated by her travels and seriously I am not sure they fully understood the travelling she was doing all over the globe but to turn up in a distant country town in the out of the way place in Australia for a Netball match was just incredible.

Flat Susan then became so happy to have kindred souls from her home land I couldn't shut her up, she kept on talking about it all night, she even sent an email to her creator Neet to tell her what was happening, 

It really is a small world. 

Last but not least, even netball courts need modification for a broadcast and the lighting crew moved on in and the courts were wired.

I won't let you know who won, maybe you should google it, some might not like the end result.  Flat Susan was supporting England.

We went for a visit to a local bakery to get some supplies to eat and Flat Susan likes this place, here she in on the sign waving to everyone.

I am adding another little bit on to this post, it is of Myrene with Flat Susan at an event she went to, and a person she got to meet up with. This man is called Peter Hitchener and he reads the news to most of Australia every day.  This is so profound for her, but she wanted to do it. Flat Susan is pinned onto Myrenes jacket.  No I was not there with her.  Afterwards she got a photograph autographed from Peter addressed to Flat Susan, this will be posted off to Neet as soon as I can.

Whilst they were out and about Myrene took Flat Susan to the Royal Melbourne Show to see the fireworks and other events, they got to see farm animals and the dairy hall all extreemly interesting to see.  Flat Susan had a fantastic time she got to go on rides and get some show bags.
Mum says Thank You Myrene.

Now trying to wrap this event up, this is one really traveled little girl whilst she has been in my care, I know I have had her for quite some time and it is all with Neet's permission, as she knew I had many grand things planned for her stay and all so worth the time and such a blessing to have her here.  She has got to see a world that some people can only dream about, to meet some really famous people too.  

I hope you have all enjoyed her journey here in Melbourne and the life of broadcasting and being on the road with work.  There is never a dull moment and I crave quiet time, sometimes and want to get home to cuddle Yoda and get some normality back and be just me.  

I hope you support her next hostess who is a lovely lady who is another WOYWW desker Sandy, from Lonely Cards

For all the Yoda fans, here he is sleeping next to me in his bed until I get in mine.  Such a beautiful little man with a gentle heart waiting patiently for me to upload this post.

Hugs to all

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Camera Woman & Floor Manager on Multiple Sets in Melbourne

Here it is 3 am in the morning and Flat Susan is helping to get the broadcast for the All Stars AFL Footy Players show to air. 
The broadcasting trucks have arrived on location and they are setting  up.  As you can see it is really dark and the building is covered with lights, soon the set will be in full construction mode, the lighting scaffolds will be built and the staging guys will move in and the set will be put together.  There is so much behind the scene stuff that happens it is incredible and hard to fathom, but fun regardless and never a dull moment.  Here you can see the insides of the
Exhibition Building that the show is being aired from, such magnificent architecture and beautiful and elegant paintings throughout.  You can see parts of the scaffolding that has been constructed to take the lighting over the stage area.  I have to be careful because of licensing rights and
confidentiality with what I can show you. 

Later on that night the show was on air being beamed all around the country and overseas and the building was in full production mode. 

Then it was on to the camera work and making sure all was set and ready for filming this is where Flat Susan was in her element, a natural eye for camera work.  She has been to so many productions now she is becoming an expert and this is not the only show this month she has done.  As you can see she has priority access, not bad for a little girl that fits in a matchbox, travelling the world.

There were a few camera adjustments that she was telling the camera man to do in the next shot.   He listened and made the necessary suggestions work.

Here is Flat Susan filming on her own, such a clever little girl she is. 

For a little while she was in the safe hands of Raz the security guard.  Sorry information edited here.

The show was a huge success and went off without a hitch so Flat Susan was onto the next production. 

Here we are now outside Crown Casino in the dark setting up for the red carpet for the Brownlow with all the camera and broadcasting equipment on the street having to get it all organized before taking it inside for the actual filming of the show, and this is before the sun comes up in Melbourne, here is some of the crew fumbling their way around in the dark with limited lighting to get everything set up.  These productions take up huge amounts of time and they start days before the event actually going to air on the TV.  Cameras have to be assembled, cables lay'ed and links all set up.  There is never a dull moment and it is all action but Flat Susan managed to stay in check with it all and we are only part the way through the month but getting closer to the Grand Finale the actual Grand Final itself.   Sorry I can't show you the actual Red Carpet Brownlow event this year sanctions have been placed for copyright reasons. I do hope you understand.

There are more events to be dealing with, so moving on after the Brownlow actually the morning after I was outside Crown Casino again with Flat Susan, where she was helping with the weather report that was doing a live link up, Flat Susan was helping do a direct link live feed over to the Today Show that airs from 5 am.  So yes Flat Susan was on the morning show before the sun came up and helping with the weather broadcast for the day ahead.

As I said never a dull moment in the life of Flat Susan, she has come to Melbourne at the right time of year to be involved with so many productions and managing to get around with only a few hours of down time and little sleep. 

There is more shows to come and some really good shots of Melbourne but that will have to wait until the next update as this has dragged on a bit sorry.  I do hope you like what you are seeing of Flat Susan's adventures whilst she is here, so stay tuned for more.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Melbourne - Conservatory, Gardens, a Living Wall, Architecture and a Very Old Ship

Flat Susan is still enjoying her holiday in Australia with Eliza, Myrene and Yoda of course (that is the celebrated cat Yoda!) - so another trip saw her visiting:

The Conservatory at the gardens in Melbourne is such a beautiful place and dates back to March 1930 when it originally opened and has provided over 80 years of spectacular floral displays.  Flat Susan was so happy to be around all the beautiful flowers, trickling water falls and elegant statues.

The gardens offer 5 separate displays every year and never ceases to captivate the visitors who visit.  There are flowers everywhere you turn, numerous birdcages hanging on display.

 The entrance has this magnificent Statue at the front to welcome all.  Flat Susan was awed by the size of the statue as you can see the size comparison...

After visiting the Conservatory we went for a drive to the local churches, which happen to be the oldest in Melbourne, they stand in all their glory surrounded by city buildings and parks.  The architecture in these buildings were incredible.

 Here you can see Flat Susan having a rest after reading the information about this Lutheran Church.

Then we went for a drive down Flinders Street past the infamous Flinders Street Station that has hundreds of thousands of people using it every day for transportation to and from their train stations.


We then continued on to the docklands area of Melbourne right by the water and checked out the boats and buildings.   Before getting to the waters edge we saw these buildings that had green living walls, yep plants growing on the walls throughout the city, it truly was spectacular to see  and as you can tell they are quite tall there are people on the footpath walking to give you a gauge of the size.

Then onto the waters edge to have a look at the big Star Wheel that graces the waterfront of the city, people go for a ride on this and it takes over 1 hour to complete the ride.  Flat Susan didn't want to go on it, as it was a bit scary and like going into outer space for her.  She did like the fact that she could see the calm water and the city edge a buzz all around. Normally people don't get access to this area but Eliza tends to break the rules a little and knows people to get her into places.   Here you can see Flat Susan on the lifebuoy. 

In the next photo you can see the building in the background that is called Etihad Stadium, it's roof opens and closes when it's needed for sporting events.  So if it is raining they close the roof so the spectators and players don't get wet.  Eliza works here sometimes, the stadium has walls of green plants too. 
But some of the best was yet to come a close up look at a very old ship.

 Here she is docked along the wharf area and we got to have an up close look but Eliza wouldn't let Flat Susan on the ship for fear of her falling in the water.

 All Eliza would let Flat Susan do was sit on the railing at the waters edge, by golly it was big.  It had lots of ropes and pulley's and all sorts of things we really didn't understand. 

Here you can see Flat Susan sitting on the timber near the edge of the ship

There is so much to do in Melbourne and there will be more posts to follow, see you all soon.  I hope you have enjoyed the little tour.