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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Flat Susan Gets Chased by Daleks

Flat Susan continued her journey with Jo in Powys and here she went up a great big hill.  Here's what Jo had to say

Can you see Susan on the top of our little hill?
This is what she was reading?
It shows her what she was looking at as she gazed out over the Powys and Shropshire countryside.

She had a great week which finished with a trip to a model exhibition!
Twiglet really knows how to give a girl a good time!!!!

Here she is being followed by a couple of daleks.

AND here she decided to take a trip on Stingray

Lastly she decided that, after stepping back in time in Twiglet's well appointed but slighly old fashioned B & B, she would hop in the Tardis and move back to 2013, as she took her next trip.
She has already beamed down safely at Annie's!!!

Farewell Susan - behave yourself.
Annie can be very strict and she likes everything kept nice and tidy.
I am sure you will be very well entertained by those funny little munchkins.

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  1. My goodness - Daleks! That's enough to terrify anyone let alone someone of a very small stature. (I know I'm a wimp, they've scared me since I was a kid!!) Flat Susan is really getting up to some interesting things - I shall have to think up something for her or she won't be very impressed when she comes to stay!!


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