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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Having a Ball in Melbourne

There is so much going on here and I am not going to miss any part of  it not even one second.

Can you believe I have been with Eliza's family nearly 2 weeks and it seems like months because we have done so much.  I went to the Ballet the other night at the Melbourne Performing Arts Centre and helped with the filming of the Nutcracker Suite.  I got to go behind the scenes with the outside broadcasting trucks known in the industry as OB's and have some wonderful experiences.  I'm not allowed to show you the on stage stuff of the ballet because I promised for copyright reasons that I wouldn't but I can show you some other bits that I found totally amazing.

Lower level of lift
OB set up
Upper level of lift where truck gets backed into

Here is the truck that we use it has expanding sides both sides and it is a full production studio on the inside, I actually got to work in there with the guys and girls and I worked really hard, hey I am part of the crew now and it's a different world working with television and media.  

You can see the truck here when it was set up but to get it to this stage it had to go into a lift.

You know the lifts we use at shopping center's and hotels, well did you know there is a truck lift too.  Here in the photo on the side is the trailer of this truck actually in the lift.  It is backed in on one level and then taken down a few levels and then pulled out again and set up.

All of this is under the Arts Centre in Melbourne, not many people have seen this and I got to go for a ride in the truck on the way down and up.  It was a bit scary but I managed to control my fear.  The best part was when I found out humans aren't allowed to ride the elevator and I was plastic, so I got one up on Eliza, she hasn't been in it.
It's really big and I mean REALLY BIG we could fit a lot of shopping trolleys on this lift.

Once down stairs the OB got set up, to look like this, then it was all cameras and action no seriously it takes days to set up the trucks based on what job they are doing, how many cameras and crew and then the cabling, the list goes on.  So on with it I will go......

Here I am going off with one of the guys Paul to get some work done, these big cameras weight a tonne and you are going to see me with many cameras over the next few weeks even since this gig as they call it, the next night I was at a different venue doing more fun stuff.

You will see more on that later as Eliza is so busy dealing with all of this she hardly has any time at all.

Yes I am still her little PA you see Melbourne is at it's busiest ATM as it is the finals for the footy being the Australian Rules called AFL (Australian Football League) and there are many performance nights scheduled that require filming and I get to be a part of it.   Woo hoo

After awhile I went into the OB and helped out with some fine tuning and linking with the team here you see me helping out again.

Can you believe all of this stuff is actually inside that truck that I showed you photos of earlier that went down in the lift.  Gosh this truck does amazing stuff, they do everything in here that links straight onto your TV in your house.


You might recognize some of the footage but please be quiet I snuck in this photo, it's not of the ballet either. LOL just something else we were working on.

As we were wrapping up this gig I went inside to have a little look around and walk the wall of events and got to look at some of the artists posters and pictures, I got to sit on some too as you can see.  There is even some of our road crates in the shot of me on the pictures sitting and sticky beaking.
I am sitting on the picture on the left that has some orange on it and just under Kylie

I really like the picture of the man I am sitting on he has one really nice toned body all muscle, it doesn't leave much for the imagination.  So many famous people have performed here.  I tried to do a little audition but seriously it didn't do anything for my body, I'm sticking with Eliza more fun.

Sorry this post has been so long, as you can see it is all happening down under here in Australia and I am off to another event so I will catch up with you all later on the next post.

For those of you that want a Yoda fix here he is in Eliza's kitchen helping her.  This is Yoda's chair, he is such a funny little puddy tat, I really like him.


  1. Hi Flat Susan,

    What an exciting adventure!! I'm amazed at all the screens that are in that trailer. I wonder how you know which ones to watch?!? How nice of you to assist Paul; I bet he was so happy for all the help.

    What can we say about Yoda. What a little cute kittie. I like his chair; perfect for watching Eliza in the kitchen!


  2. What opportunities Flat Susan has had and now she is learning all about work of a vastly different time. So glad you are enjoying having her stay with you.
    Hugs, to you all - Neet xx


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