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Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Picnic with Myrene

Hello everyone this is Flat Susan here I am Eliza's little executive PA so you will be hearing from me for the next few weeks, after all Eliza's desk isn't really active she has been out and about with work commitments and then there is me tagging along and I can tell you it has been a really great time so far, Eliza is never in one place very long and it is a struggle to keep up, now I understand why Yoda misses her so much.  So on with my travels, I have been all over the place so get ready to hear some really fun stuff, coz it is lots of fun, fun, fun. 
Myrene, Eliza's daughter had a picnic to go to on Saturday and asked if I could come along, well the interesting part about that was it was a picnic/BBQ for the hearing impaired, yep deaf people, Myrene is getting her interpreters degree in Auslan so I was ok she was filling me in on all the stuff that was happening.  Myrene was wearing her fairy costume to the picnic to celebrate bright colours, more on that later.  This picnic was really up my alley as you all know I really can't hear, I think it has something to do with plastic but never mind that, lets move on.  I will have to show you pictures of the picnic later as they are on Myrene's camera and not Eliza's.  Well after the picnic with Myrene all dressed up in a fairy costume, we went to Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne these gardens have been here for over 150 years.  These have got to be the best gardens ever as this is where some really magical stuff has happened and where Captain Cooks Cottage is.  Here you can see me at the cottage sitting on the hedge with Eliza.  Then we had a look at the gardens around the back and there was a statue of the man himself 'Captain Cook'  can you believe that the man himself, oh but this is not the best part we went for a wander over to another special part of the gardens to a Miniature Tudor Village just like the ones back in the country where my creator Neet comes from and it was special for me to be apart of this little village. All these little houses were put there just for me in my size to fit too.  This village was build by a man Mr Edgar Wilson a 77 year old who came from Norwood London.  This village has been open since May 1948. 

across from the village which Eliza & Myrene had to pull me away from was this really magical fairy tree. This tree was comprised of a series of carvings onto the trunk stump of an original red gum tree and the stump was over 300 hundred years old.   Ola Cohn's Fairy tree attracts many visitors from all over the world and was so beautiful.  Here you can see me sitting on the railing that protects the tree from people touching it.  This tree has so many native animals and gnomes 

fairies and other mystical creatures carved into it.   Here is a closer up shot of the tree and a little girl who I meet there who was so fascinated with my story and travels. This was only a little part of my day but I will have to tell you more in the next post so Julia  at the Stamping Ground where you can see more desks, well I don't want her getting upset with me for having a long post.  Yoda he is home whilst I am writing this because we are at a work place getting some culture, more on that later.


  1. Love Myrene's outfit, so appropriate for all those magical creatures to see her dressed like that.
    What a ball FS is having.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. Bless Susan's little heart, she is napping on the job we are waiting for some really big trucks to arrive for an action packed week here in Melbourne.

    Hugs Eliza


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