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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Gathering of picnic patrons
Flat Susan with Myrene
Everyone Clapping

For the deaf they can't hear clapping so their sign is to wave
your hands in the air like twinkle twinkle little star and this
is their sign for clapping.  

Flat Susan as you know went on a picnic BBQ day with Myrene and the Uni Students/Teachers/Aids etc and had a fantastic time with everyone.  They were all mystified over her travels around the world and how far she has come. 

Flat Susan got entertained and became well embraced in the community for deaf she even got to learn some Auslan, sign language for the deaf here in Australia.  Flat Susan got to see some really fun times with not an egg and spoon race but a Malteser and spoon race. 

Malteser's are little malt chocolate balls that are yummy, see picture for an idea, I am sure they are sold all over the world and not unique to Australia. 

Well eggs are a bit fragile for some of the disabled so the Malteser's are a little more user friendly. Plus eggs can break and be quite an expensive exercise, so Malteser's it was. 

Melanie in Malteser Race with Flat Susan

I think Melanie is happy
Flat Susan got to help another lady in the race Melanie who was well and truly enthralled to have Susan's help.  Flat Susan thought about sitting on the spoon but Melanie was worried about her falling off so she got pinned to her top, much safer there.

Flat Susan then moved onto the sack race, that was interesting having her little legs bouncing around but she still was in the race with help. 
Donut eating competition but no Flat Susan to be found
She got to sit on a donut for a ride while someone tried to eat the donut, she was quickly removed from fear of being eaten and saved from the mouth of hell, wow that was a close one, she has traveled so far to be eaten by someone I don't think so.....

I think a big day out with Myrene and a few lessons in Auslan. A picnic in the park with beautiful weather, sunshine and lots of people in fun colours to celebrate the deaf community, some were wearing butterflies and some had them painted on their faces, this is to honor the butterflies as they are also deaf.


  1. What a fun day for Flat Susan. I bet she enjoyed it all, even sitting on the donut!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. Great to see that FS is spreading fun and friendship in Australia. It looks like you all had a wonderful, happy day and it's good to share it all with you.
    Best Wishes from Jo (FS's 1st hostess in Liverpool)


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