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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Camera Woman & Floor Manager on Multiple Sets in Melbourne

Here it is 3 am in the morning and Flat Susan is helping to get the broadcast for the All Stars AFL Footy Players show to air. 
The broadcasting trucks have arrived on location and they are setting  up.  As you can see it is really dark and the building is covered with lights, soon the set will be in full construction mode, the lighting scaffolds will be built and the staging guys will move in and the set will be put together.  There is so much behind the scene stuff that happens it is incredible and hard to fathom, but fun regardless and never a dull moment.  Here you can see the insides of the
Exhibition Building that the show is being aired from, such magnificent architecture and beautiful and elegant paintings throughout.  You can see parts of the scaffolding that has been constructed to take the lighting over the stage area.  I have to be careful because of licensing rights and
confidentiality with what I can show you. 

Later on that night the show was on air being beamed all around the country and overseas and the building was in full production mode. 

Then it was on to the camera work and making sure all was set and ready for filming this is where Flat Susan was in her element, a natural eye for camera work.  She has been to so many productions now she is becoming an expert and this is not the only show this month she has done.  As you can see she has priority access, not bad for a little girl that fits in a matchbox, travelling the world.

There were a few camera adjustments that she was telling the camera man to do in the next shot.   He listened and made the necessary suggestions work.

Here is Flat Susan filming on her own, such a clever little girl she is. 

For a little while she was in the safe hands of Raz the security guard.  Sorry information edited here.

The show was a huge success and went off without a hitch so Flat Susan was onto the next production. 

Here we are now outside Crown Casino in the dark setting up for the red carpet for the Brownlow with all the camera and broadcasting equipment on the street having to get it all organized before taking it inside for the actual filming of the show, and this is before the sun comes up in Melbourne, here is some of the crew fumbling their way around in the dark with limited lighting to get everything set up.  These productions take up huge amounts of time and they start days before the event actually going to air on the TV.  Cameras have to be assembled, cables lay'ed and links all set up.  There is never a dull moment and it is all action but Flat Susan managed to stay in check with it all and we are only part the way through the month but getting closer to the Grand Finale the actual Grand Final itself.   Sorry I can't show you the actual Red Carpet Brownlow event this year sanctions have been placed for copyright reasons. I do hope you understand.

There are more events to be dealing with, so moving on after the Brownlow actually the morning after I was outside Crown Casino again with Flat Susan, where she was helping with the weather report that was doing a live link up, Flat Susan was helping do a direct link live feed over to the Today Show that airs from 5 am.  So yes Flat Susan was on the morning show before the sun came up and helping with the weather broadcast for the day ahead.

As I said never a dull moment in the life of Flat Susan, she has come to Melbourne at the right time of year to be involved with so many productions and managing to get around with only a few hours of down time and little sleep. 

There is more shows to come and some really good shots of Melbourne but that will have to wait until the next update as this has dragged on a bit sorry.  I do hope you like what you are seeing of Flat Susan's adventures whilst she is here, so stay tuned for more.

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