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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Flat Susan Arrives in America

My guest arrived today, she is perched on the pumpkin, and her name is Flat Susan, and she is a special traveler. Our friend Neet is the one that created FS and got her started on her travels.  Click on the "I'm Following Flat Susan" on my side bar to see some of the places FS had been and some of the antics that have happened.  Her little suit case and pass port are also pictured and the beautiful pink tag came from the last hostess of FS Annie .

So what else has been happening since our last cuppa together?  Not much really, I had to get some pictures taken for my class this Wednesday afternoon.  It will be the last photography class for this session.  Adobe Photo Shop is the next suggested class, but it is full, so I will have to wait until February.......:-(  Not much around my yard to take pictures of so I tagged along with my cuz out to the stables, where they keep their horse.
If interested there are pictures below, if not then I'll see you all next week.
Inky Hugs Krisha

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  1. Welcome to America Flat Susan! Enjoy your stay!! - what beautiful dogs and horse.


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