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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tea in America?

FS and Heartland 020

Here is Flat Susan giving water color painting a try, if you came by for my last post it is the same picture from the adventures of FS.  You can see it HERE if interested.
Over the weekend we were in Temecula for an RV trip, which was also posted yesterday.  Since I am an early riser I always take some crafty thing to work on while all is still quiet.  This trip I cut some water color paper into ATC size, post card size, and card front size.  With a permanent marker sketched different things, very loosely, then painted them with water color paint.
Here are some ATCs I did for today.

Tea Cup ATCs 001 

TEA CUPS!  Different stages and different designs, all hand sketched and hand painted. There are still a few touch ups to be done and some lettering, or stamping.   As I said above they are all loosely sketched and NOT perfect, but VERY fun to make.
I got the idea from a Strathmore video.  It is one of the on-line classes, for cards. You have to sign up for (cost nothing)  then you can view all the videos.  They will stay until December 31, so there is still time to see them. I enjoyed Joanne Sharpe’s the most.  I did do some post cards and card front, but will save those for a different post.


  1. I finally have had a chance to catch up on FS's many adventures over the last few weeks. My goodness, but what fun is she having! I love all the photos the hostesses are including and I'm learning a lot. For instance, in this lovely post by Krisha, I loved seeing the pistachio trees, which I've never seen before! Great job to all the hostesses!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Gosh, she is learning so much whilst on her travels. I will have to watch my watercolours when she gets home.


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