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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Flat Susan is now in Florida having flown across America.  Gosh, what a busy passport she will have when she gets home.  Hope there are enough pages.

Nan is linking up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T for Tuesday and her visitor from across the pond via California is none other than.....Flat Susan!! Here's what Nan has to say:  

I am so excited to be hosting her for a visit to central Florida.  She actually arrived on Saturday and was such a dear to wait patiently while I finished my cleaning chores this weekend.

So here's Flat Susan with all of her traveling gear and a few pieces of my art and since it's T day, my beverage glass.

 We awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny Florida day. To celebrate FS's arrival and our planned activities, I presented her with her very own Harley Davidson! The next pic shows FS standing next to her motorcycle ready to go!

In the corner you see a bit of a gorgeous tag. Here's a better pic of this fabulous tag that Krisha has sent me. I love it, Krisha! Thank you!

Well, we're off to enjoy this lovely day and see what we can see around my hood. Have a wonderful day!


  1. I do like her new wheels! My she is going to be really kitted by the time she gets home!

  2. Hi Nan,
    So you and FS are hitting the open road on your Harleys! I'm glad you are having wonderful weather! Can't wait to see where you and FS go.

    The tag is beautiful - definitely gets me in the mood for fall!



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