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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Flat Susan Leaves South Africa

Was a sad goodbye indeed, funny how a little flat doll can get in your heart!  She was such fun to take places and entertain, sadly just over a week flew by and I have had to pass her on so she can continue on her world travels.  This was mailed off last week Wednesday (that was the intention, but it was really Thursday as life happened!) so she should be almost home by now...

I made my tag for her next hostess and here she is sitting next to it.  I took inspiration from Tim's July tag but made it South African in nature.

Below you can see how she travels in style with all her kit and very clear instructions.

When I went to the post office, I asked for pretty stamps cos the lady inside would appreciate it...this is what they gave me...I think they are fabulous.  The flying pig is a G45 stamp which they thought was hilarious, but added their airmail sticker, just in case the message was not clear enough!


  1. Fabulous - and the stamps on the envelope are gorgeous. Love the house and chair.

  2. Fab tag! Absolutely love the house and fella got the biggest kick out of them. Hugs Nan

  3. I'm sure you'll miss her no end, I did! Glad you all had so much fun and it was enjoyable for me too.
    Jo x

  4. Love the whole idea and following Flat Susan on my blog too. Long may she travel!

  5. I'm sure FS was sad to leave you, Bella. She was well and truly spoiled with a new chair and her very own house too. The tag is wonderful - love the zebra. And those stamps are beautiful. Elizabeth xx

  6. How thoughtful to use such beautiful stamps! The tag is fabulous!


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