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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Whoo Hoo - I am staying with Yoda


Susan has arrived safe and sound in Melbourne, she is travelling with loads of paraphernalia too.   She is so cute and so tired from all that travelling, she left the northern parts of Queensland last week.  I can post a letter to America and it could get there faster than her mail did.  Anyway onto other things and I thank the heavens it wasn't yesterday Susan arrived because we had one hell of a storm that caused flooding and damage all around the place.  I am thankful that Susan was safely at the postal office.  Here we had a freak storm that filled the guttering with ice and all the grounds were covered in white.  Horrible weather to be out and about in and we had a broadcast down on the docklands area that missed the storm altogether.  My guttering is overflowing, ice was on the ground everywhere and you could pick it up by the handful.  It was really bad that it hit the back door and that is under a veranda that is covered.  The front area of the house usually does't have much weather hit it but the entrance was over flowing with ice. 

I do hope you realize when I am writing this I am in Melbourne Australia and we don't have weather like this, it is rare indeed. Also it is Spring here.

Here is the ice and rain hitting our back door and the ground part the way through the storm and it was so dark outside too.

 I went and took photos of the grounds and guttering that was chokers full of ice.

Piles of ice everywhere to be seen, I really don't know how people can live in cold snow areas of the world having to deal with ice all the time, it would be horrible. 

I really enjoy the warmer climate but yesterday was weird to say the least.  I went and scooped up ice in a hurry because the next storm was about to hit. 

 Anyway onto the fun stuff, my desk has Susan on it but before that it had, Stamps that my bestie and I had been making last Sunday. Yes we have been having some fun, but lets move onto the important stuff and I know a few of you will be wondering if Yoda is happy to have Susan around or if he would be jealous of her. 

Well they had a little chat and talked it out and they both decided that sleep was far more important and Yoda let Susan snuggle up with him and have a nap. 

I think he likes Susan to be honest here he is thinking about sleeping then here he is hunkering down and then finally they are both asleep.

Wow what a day this is.  I am concerned that Yoda might not let Susan go when she needs to hit the town, but that can be sorted later. 

Susan has survived the freak storm and is still napping with Yoda.

Oh why am I telling you all this, because Julia said so. Julia over at the Stamping Ground hosts the best blog hop of the week where you show your desk to the world and whom ever wants to join in can.

I was fortunate this last week, to visit everyone on the list, yep sneaked in a visit here and there whilst at work and this list was a short one so that helps. 

For all that returned the visit thank you.
So lets go for now and let the little ones sleep.

Hugs to all and thanks for visiting, please leave a comment I love them.

Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan.


  1. Cannot get over that weather!! The world has gone crazy!!
    Glad you, your family and your little visitor were nice and warm with Yoda inside. What a lovely little fella he is and he has not batted an eyelid about the new member of the household. He must know she is not there to stay.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. Hi Eliza. It Ilooks like the hail storm was quite impressive! We get hail here sometimes the size of baseballs. I have heard that we will have a bad winter, however right now it's unseasonably warm.

    Yoda looks quite content in sharing his nice comfy bed. I imagine flat susan was very tired and just thanking her lucky stars that she was held up at the post office. I can't wait to see where you take her and what adventure awaits her.


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