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Friday, 6 December 2013

Flat Susan's visit in GA

Hi Everyone. Gosh, I feel like I've hardly blogged for the last couple months. Well, I guess I haven't. Especially last month. Hopefully this month I can make up for it and get my cards, etc posted to share. 

In the meantime, I've had a little guest with me..her name is Flat Susan and you can find out all about her and her travels here

Last week she got a chance to play in the snow. I was completely shocked when I awoke the day before Thanksgiving to find snow had fallen. It was in the forecast for Atlanta, but I live about 30 minutes south so wasn't expecting anything. Well, I was wrong!!! 

I guess it was more of a snow/ice mixture. 

The next day we celebrated Thanksgiving. I made dinner and my sister, brother in law, and his mom came over. And Thanksgiving...was the coldest since 1911. Goodness gracious! 

Earlier this week we went to Callaway Gardens (about an hour south of my house) to see the Festival of Lights. It's one of the "Top 10 Places to See Holiday Lights" according to their website and National Geographic Traveler. Well it didn't disappoint...(but, it started raining, again, while we were driving through!)

Yesterday, Flat Susan got to pick out my Christmas Tree. We went to a tree farm to see what they have...

Oh, and remember the cold, snowy weather we had last week? Well, it was 70 degrees outside!!! Ca-razy weather (which just continues from spring and summer...). 

A Fraser Fir was picked out (pre-cut from NC). To me, they just seem more like a Christmas tree anyway. And here it is...

Flat Susan helped hang up some of my mom's ornaments. She used to make Lithuanian ornaments for years and years. Traditional ones are made with paper straw but these are made with white drinking straws.  

The crosses are my favorite. 

Today, Flat Susan left Georgia and is making her way to North Carolina. in the hills of North Carolina to be exact to visit with Sandee. I had the chance to meet Sandee last April. We had lunch and I saw where all her handmade goodies are displayed for sale at a fun artist's store. I have my 2 best friends that live quite close by so I stopped off to meet her. I'm sure FS will love her visit. Asheville, NC is gorgeous! 


  1. Flat Susan is certainly getting around. Just love all those Christmas lights.

  2. I enjoyed my time with FS and hope she did as well. :-) I know she will love NC.

  3. Fab pics of all the lights! Snow! In GA! OMG! Almost thought it would come as far south me that weeknd. Looks like FS had a lovely time decorating your tree. Hugs

  4. Beautiful ornaments, I never heard of paper straw.

  5. One thing I have always wanted is to v isit America around Christmas time. Glad FS is having the opportunity. Lucky Girl!


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