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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Visiting Downtown Newnan, GA

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Today I had a chance to take her out to downtown Newnan. (I've been a tad on the road so she's been minding herself...I had to make a quick trip to Texas where my sister was in the hospital!)

This is the old courthouse. Now there's a Visitor's Center as well as Probate Court and some other features. As you can see, they are getting ready for Christmas already. 

Newnan was established as a city in 1828. Quite young compared to all the cities in the rest of the world. During the Civil War, Newnan was considered a hospital city. 

Newnan is located in Coweta County and today it's very popular for filming TV shows and even movies. The courthouse can be seen in the movie Zombieland. Also, a very popular current TV show, The Walking Dead is filmed all over Coweta County.

This building was used as a "fight scene" in Walking Dead and is located only a couple blocks from the courthouse. Also, in this same area, they are currently (or just recently) filming for the 3rd installment of the Hunger Games. I saw some trailers on the other side of this building so they may still be here. 

We also popped into Hobby Lobby, a large craft store in the U.S. I left with only 2 items. Shocking. For me at least!! LOL. 

Afterwards, I took her for a treat...we had a spa pedicure!! Ahh. 


  1. Your little town looks so cool. A friend of mine love The Walking Dead so I will share this post with him too and he will enjoy it. I told him the story about flat Susan and her adventures and he said there was a group of motorcyclist that did something similar which was pretty cool.

    I just watched catching fire and can't wait to see the third Hunger Games movie so I was glad to hear that they are already filming.

    I love your old courthouse building very very cool. Where are you in relation to Atlanta?

    Peace, Kay

  2. Lovely classic buildings and it's no wonder they use your town for film sets. We have lots of filming here in Liverpool too as we have the most Grade 1 listed buildings in England.
    glad FS is getting to see even more super locations.
    Jo x

  3. i love following her adventures and would love to have her stay we me sometime please.

    Gill x


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