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Friday, 27 December 2013

The Lead Up to the Big Day

When Flat Susan arrived Sandee set her up in the awesome lodgings of the Smokey Mountain Retreat. A beautiful bed and breakfast Inn where she could enjoy the mountainscapes of North Carolina. The forest straddles the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. Susan said she wanted to get a taste of our southern Appalachian culture.

Susan discovered that in North Carolina there are 1,600 growers producing an estimated 50 million Fraser fir Christmas trees growing on over 25,000 acres which represents 90% of all species grown in North Carolina. She was impressed that we are ranked second in the nation in number of trees harvested

After her educational tour of the Christmas tree farms, Susan took an afternoon to watch some local kids playing hockey at a nearby school
They invited her to their clubhouse where she was given the honorary title of the "only girl allowed". They also built a snowman and she loved playing in the snow.
Unfortunately, she could not get a grasp of the tire swing, and the boys said she wasn't fit to be a member and they kicked her out of the club because she was, after all....a girl.
 Susan, dejected and rejected from the boys club, went to visit Santa in the hopes that he would cheer her up.

Santa, having claimed that Susan was indeed a very good girl indeed let her ride one of his reindeer.
And the elves said that she could join their club any day and took her sledding with them and for hot chocolate afterward. They told her that they just like to smile, that smiling was their favorite thing...and Susan replied that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. :)

Next, Susan is on her way to visit Kimberley in Davidson, NC where she will have a great time.


  1. I'll visit, Sandee, but just wanted to say that it is so fun to have this central FS blog just for our girl with all her fun travels in one place!! Thanks, Neet!! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Wow, it sounds like Flat Susan had a wonderful time with Sandee in North Carolina. Those are very interesting facts about the number of Christmas trees grown in North Carolina. It sounds like Santa and the elves made up for the bad behavior of the boys kicking Flat Susan out of the club.
    it's been so fun to watch and hear of her adventures.


  3. Even if you were in the sorting office for Christmas day, you have had a wonderful time so far!

  4. Lol poor old FSLIC getting kicked out of the boys club! She certainly had a busy time tho!

  5. looks zlike FS had a great Christmas who cares about boys anyway

  6. Boys have coodies anyway! LOL

  7. FS had a wonderful Christmas. She has seen so many interesting things on her travels. I don't think she would have liked being in the boys club for very long, and a reindeer ride must have been very exciting. Safe travelling Susan. Kate x


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