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Friday, 21 June 2013

In The Beginning

Flat Susan Sets off for Liverpool

Here she is - all ready, Friday night, to begin her travels.  Here is Flat Susan sitting in her little case in which she is going to travel.  I know she should maybe just travel in an envelope but as she is so tiny it is a bit daunting for her to rattle around in one so she has her own little travel case.

Well, Flat Susan (FS for short) set off on her worldly travels today, Saturday, 11th May.  I took her with me to Port Sunlight to HSNW stamp show, where she was introduced to Jo who is taking her on a short holiday "on a plane" and then on another short trip before sending her off to her next new hostess, Elizabeth.

Here is the handover which took place in front of the refreshments at the show.

She was actually waving to you all as Jo held on to her and I feigned a smile as I let her go.  I know she will be perfectly alright in Jo's capable hands and because she has not got a passport and Jo lives near the passport office in Liverpool she will have one before she boards the plane.

Well, it could be a while before I see FS now as she will move from one host to another and have a wonderful time.  I can't wait to read about her travels.

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