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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Flat Susan on the Trail of Scottish Culture

Evening Everyone,

Happy Friday to you all.

I'm a bit late in joining in with Annie's Friday Smile over at A Stitch In Time but I've been busy doing the final clean up - am I the only one that cleans the house before going on holiday? - and deciding what to pack ... will it rain or will it shine? Decisions, decisions, decisions!  And then there's Andy, Murray that is. Phew! He certainly knows how to keep this fan on the edge of her seat ... the EM kept saying, 'calm down, woman, you'll give yourself a heart attack!' :))

So what about the Friday Smile, you're thinking???  I'm getting to it. The sun struggled through long enough yesterday afternoon for us to take Flat Susan down to Alloway and the Burns Heritage Centre for a quick visit. (If you have no idea what I'm blethering on about and who Flat Susan is, check out my previous post for an explanation of sorts :) Here's a few photos from the trip.
Overlooking the Brig o' Doon which famously featured in Burns' poem, Tam o' Shanter ... there's a fearsome scene where Tam is on horseback and is being chased by Nannie the witch and he only just escapes her by crossing the bridge. Today, it more often provides the backdrop to many a wedding photo. 
The Burns Monument
The Auld Kirk (the old church) Alloway, where Burns' father is buried
The newer kirk, Alloway Parish Church - a popular wedding venue too
Poet's Walk - the wall is topped with hundreds of gowans (white daisies)
And finally, it wouldn't be a trip to Burns country without a shot of this chap, the wee, sleekit, cowran, tim'rous beastie from To A Mouse. He's not so wee, actually this statue is enormous!
However, as you can see Flat Susan was totally unfazed by his size, happy to make his acquaintance!

That's my smiles for this week. Hope you like them too. 


  1. Flat Susan has a dangerous love of life, standing so close to the big beastie lol

  2. Lovely visit to Burns country! I missed a visit with the "tim'rous beastie" while I was there! I shall have to ask FS all about it when she makes it to my home in the states.


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