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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Flat Susan has Arrived in Bonnie Scotland!

Afternoon Everyone,

Yes, Flat Susan joined the Worthington household this morning, safe and sound, all the way from Luneburg, Germany.
She took a few minutes to unpack the goodies Jo, JoZart, packed in her suitcase with her ... a postcard from Luneburg, a fabulous tag that records all the places she has visited so far and a wee taste of Germany - Niederegger Marzipan. Thanks Jo, we're saving this treat for later.
Here she is waving 'hi' to Jo. She thanks Jo for taking such good care of her during the holiday with her. 
And she had to take the opportunity to catch up with Neet, Hickydorms, her creator, too :)
Meeting the EM - they're getting on like a house on fire :)
Introducing her to the family.
After a wee lie down - she was exhausted after her long journey - Flat Susan joined us for lunch and  took the opportunity to browse through the local paper to familiarise herself with the Scots language. Interestingly, she's already noticed some similarities between Scots and German languages so she's feeling very much at home already.

We've had a great morning getting to know each other, and I think it's clear we are going to have fun showing our lovely guest around. Shame the weather has changed, from wall-to-wall sunshine to overcast and cooler, but hopefully it will brighten up again over the week and we're also hoping for no rain when we set off for the Highlands at the end of the week.

Right, better get off ... I've tons to do before we can set off. I'll be back with another report on what Flat Susan is up to in a couple of days.

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