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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Phew! Across the World

to Bisbane, Australia:

So I arrived in the land Downunder called Australia in a town called Brisbane in June 2014.
It is the middle of winter there if you can call 22-31Celcius a winter hee hee 

As soon as FS arrived I put Flat Susan by the phone so she could call home anytime. An hour later I came by and she had some Vitamin C tablets and collapsed right there and then. Travelling around the world sure is a tiring business indeed.
 That weekend I made this tag to take FS to the craft show, unfortunately I got called into work and couldn't go.
 The next day I was going to take her to the camping show but I ended up in hospital and this is the puncture holes they gave to me trying to get a canula into my arms.

FS came to hospital with me to keep me company, I think she needed more rest too but she was kind enough to hold my hand, rest on my neck and was happy to read the magazines and sip my tea and have a taste of my sandwich

 Finally!! we went fishing and FS happily mingled with my family and watched everyone fishing and catching fish, even my 3 year old nephew caught his first 2 tiny fishes.
The following weekend we went fishing and went to a prawn farm where this lovely tin man was on display. He was made up of drink cans. I think FS fell in love with him and wanted to stay, but I told her she had many more places to visit. I told FS she could have a long distance relationship first to see if her flat self and a tin man were compatible and if it worked out she could come over and live permanently.
This is the campsite we went to and FS had a wonderful time, lazying around, cooking on the fireplace. She helped make spaghetti and cheese jaffles and Indian bread.


  1. What an amazing adventure FS is having! I do hope your health has improved. So nice of FS to keep you company in the hospital. Take care and hugs from Nan and the Girls

  2. It's so lovely to catch up with Susan! It sounds like she had a wonderful time camping and fishing Down Under after the rest! Well done, Bridget!! Hugs, Darnell

  3. Goodness that girl is getting around!! (I was a little worried though by the fishing.... that could have ended badly!). That tin man is a looker but I think you gave FS some good advice - a long distance relationship will test his mettle. Hope you are feeling better now, hugs Cindy.

  4. My goodness, Flat Susan has been busy and love the photo of her by the phone. She looks very relaxed and looks like she is enjoying the day. Don't like the look of the holes in your arms though. Hope things are much better for you now.
    :) Chris / CS Designs


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