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Friday, 23 May 2014

Bye Bye America - Hello Australia

Flat Susan is now leaving America and Darnell got her to write all about her adventures back in The Bay area of California.

May 10, 2014
Dear Diary,
Today I started a new chapter in my book of travels around the world. I started out from the United Kingdom a year ago to meet friends of my sponsor, Anita (Neet) Hickson of Hickydorums. Neet has made me my own website where you can find all the chapters of my book here. This time I asked Darnell if I could write about my visit in my own words, which she is allowing me to do.*

I had a lovely sleep in my suitcase traveling from New Mexico. At first the rustle of packaging and tissue and tape is very faint as it stirs me from my slumber, but as my eyelids flutter and rise, the sound excites my mind to high alert. It can only mean I am about to meet a new friend!

My matchbox bed was slowly slid open and this is what I saw:
"Hello, little Flat Susan," she said, "Happy first Birthday and welcome to my home!"

Her name is Darnell and she lives in the Bay Area of Northern California. She looks like she is pleased to see me. She talks quite a lot and laughs a lot, too. I like that.

Darnell lives in a Big House and she makes cards in a Little House which she calls the Playhouse. I thought it was super cute! A while back she made a replica of the Playhouse which turned out to be just the right size for me! The bird on top looks a bit scary, being just over my head like, if you know what I mean, but he only chirped happily.


Today we had our first outing to meet Darnell's son Daniel, his wife Rachel, and their twin boys Adam and Henry. Everyone took pictures with me.

That always happens. I think I am as well photographed as a movie star and the truth is, these friends of Neet's make me feel just like a movie star!

The twins thought it would be great fun if I went for a ride in Adam's paper airplane. Whoa boy, I'm not gonna lie, I almost lost my lunch!

The boys were pretty good sports about having me join them, but as you can see below, they weren't that thrilled about me because I am a "stinky ol' girl!"
Henry said, "Why couldn't it be a boy. Why does it have to be a Flat Sally?"

(Sally? He sure takes after his grandmother when it comes to mixing up names and words!) I just smiled because I know it won't be long before they stop thinking that girls are stinky!


Today we went for a spin around San Francisco. Darnell held me out the window while she took a picture of me against the skyline. Are you seriously kidding me? If my dress flew off, I'd be a goner! I think tonight I might write a letter to Neet and stick it in my matchbox so she can find it in case I turn up mangled and dead from my visit with these people!

I have to admit it is a beautiful City and the weather was gorgeous. 
Here we are at the base of the world famous Coit Tower. At least we were on our feet and not flying over a bridge!

Driving along the coast, we stopped at an overlook to see this incredible view:

I turned around to get a better look. That's a long way down!
It took a while, but we made it to the bottom so I could walk on the sand. I know it looks like I'm sitting in the water getting my bottom wet, but that's just conjecture. I'm actually standing on the heels of my shoes, so I don't get my toes wet.

Today we did a lot of errands, so it was kind of boring, but there were some highlights. For instance, it was exciting to ride in Kevin and Darnell's new truck, which had a compartment just for me.

AND, it turns out that it had a PHONE, so I could call overseas to Neet! (Don't tell them I did that!)
After my phone call, I moved over to the door to be in the shade. What happened next was a huge surprise for me and a certain polar bear who had his hibernation interrupted!

I introduced myself and he told me his name was Jingle. He normally only wakes up for Christmas time and helps Darnell clean the chimney for Santa, which explains why he was so dirty. After that he rides around in the car during December, hanging onto the rear-view mirror. We got better acquainted.
We practiced some cheerleading routines I used to know as a girl.
He was a sweet polar bear. I told him he'd better get back to hibernating or he'd be a bear to live with.
I was a bit shattered, too, from all that excitement, so I took a little rest myself.


Today we went to one of the boys' Little League games and I was delighted to meet the Granddog, Duke.

You think Duke looks scared of me, don't you? What a face!
But, no, that's hunger in those eyes! Darnell still hasn't noticed that I'm missing . . . aah, thank goodness, she did notice!
Just kidding! My leg is there, I was just stretching it out of the way in case, the Dukester was the bitey type. Which I'm glad to say he wasn't.


When we got home I lounged around with Froggie and Yabut. Longtime follower's of Darnell's blog know all about Froggie. Yabut is a fairly new member of the family. He was inadvertently named by the twins. Every time Darnell would suggest a name, one of the boys would disagree by starting each sentence (as children are wont to do) with the words, "Yeah, but ... ." Finally, Darnell threw up her hands and said, "Hey, how 'bout we call him Yabut?!" and so they did.


Today was a fun day spent with Kevin, or "The Mister" ~ the endearment Darnell uses for him. I enjoyed my time with him in the garage which is his motorcycle Playhouse.

I'm leaning against the windscreen. Here is a close-up:

It was quite a thrill going on one of his rides, but I felt quite safe tucked up in his pocket.


Today was spent in the Playhouse with Darnell. To start off, I spent some time quietly contemplating my navel while she caught up on some emails.

Then I was introduced to other critters who are a big part of Darnell's life. Here is a recap, along with Miss Elaine E. Us:
First and foremost, here is Hammy the hamster. Or rather a fact simile of Hammy. The real Hammy is that part of Darnell's brain which keeps her grounded and focused and sparks her creativity when she goes off track and out of focus. He was adorable!
Here is Fred E. Rick, the frog toothpick holder. (He got a little handsy.)
Here is Que the squirrel sent to Darnell by her big sister, Diana. It's rare for me to meet a critter smaller than me, so this was a real treat!
Here I am with Flo and Flatulence. These frogs have been friends of Darnell's for more than 20 years! (She sure likes frogs!)
Here I am perched on u. These F.U.N. word blocks were also a gift from by Diana. I think they are perfect for the Playhouse!
Oh, and please! I had to share this item with you! When I saw it, I laughed my head off. This is a DIET FORK. Darnell received this from Diana, too (she's very generous). The things people think to create! Fortunately, I've always managed to keep my slim figure without needing such a utensil!
Lastly, here I am posed next to Darnell's favorite rules to live by which she keeps on her window sill to remind her every day of the six simple ways to get the most out of life. This wonderful work of art was lovingly made by Darnell's friend Annie. Do you love how I am almost camel flogged against the frame?


Today was just the most fun! Darnell's friends got together to say goodbye to one of their group who is moving to the East coast. Her name is Sara and she is originally from the UK, so it was a thrill to meet a fellow countrywoman! It was wonderful to partake in a real English afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and clotted cream.
Here are all the ladies sporting hats. (Since it was just for fun, 
the hats came from the inexpensive little girls' department.)

Today was my last day at Darnell's. It was important that we try and come up with ideas for the What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday's ATC Swap which is rapidly approaching on May 28th, the 5th anniversary of WOYWW! 
Here I am in the middle of the outstanding ATCs which Darnell received last year. Darnell and I hoped  this little exercise would spark some ideas. Not.
Here I am amid some Dee Tritus that Darnell strew about, again hoping it would spark some ideas. Not. Sadly, my time with her has come to an end, but I have every confidence she will create a terrific ATC design without me.

As the day wound down, Darnell took a picture of me enjoying the backyard while Kevin made us wodka martinis. We enjoyed the cool evening remisinging about my visit.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my time with Darnell. I sure have enjoyed my time with her and I look forward to joining you again from my next stop in Australia!


  1. Hi Flat Susan,

    It sounds like your time in San Francisco (and Darnell's) was full of love and laughter. She is a happy go lucky girl, isn't she. I can't wait to see you in Australia!


  2. What a journey and how nice to wake up in The Bay area to find such a happy friendly person as Darnell peeking at you. You certainly had a great time there and now you are off on a long journey again - wonder how many miles you will have locked up by the time you reach home again?
    Hugs, Neet x

  3. Awww! I loved reading about your visit with Darnell! Have fun in Australia!

  4. I love a good be continued. Getting to know you...getting to know all about you

  5. What a super trip and Darnell really made it fun and interesting! I'm sure Darnell will miss you as much as I do. That was an exciting visit and I look forward to seeing where your next trip takes you.
    love Jo x


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